FreshBlood is a unique creative consultancy headed by former agency principal, entrepreneur and global creative director, Robert Finkel – one of the healthcare industry’s most respected, award-winning, and collaborative marketeers.

Our team is a sharp-minded consortium of health market experts collaborating on today’s problems and tomorrow’s solutions. Former health industry execs and past-agency talent spring into action, bringing you fresh thinking, deep knowledge and first hand experience. We have a rich history of creating and sustaining successful brands and commercial franchises.

Our network is an emotionally intelligent mix of analysts, brand building architects, creative writers, artists, esteemed physicians, and health communications specialists dedicated to your project. We deploy a senior consultant to best determine your exact needs and define the work scope. No bloated teams. No junior players. It’s simply more effective.

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Crossover of business consultancy & creative ad agency

FreshBlood is the experts-on-demand solution to the “scale-up, staff-up” business dilemma. We are the precursor to a full service ad agency, integrating the essential skills of an analytical business-consulting firm with the creative caliber of a boutique ad agency.

FreshBlood both advises and executes.