Vanessa Silva

Digital Marketing Specialist

With an industry-earned reputation that precedes her, Vanessa Silva exudes pure passion and a natural proclivity for client service. A digital strategist at heart, she also knows how to lead the charge during the implementation stage, seamlessly integrating multi-audience objectives with multi-channel brand initiatives.

Vanessa’s career stretches from the early era to today’s far more sophisticated digital health technology advancements. Having led major agency brand and digital assignments while at agencies like ZooMedia, Compass HC, and Giant, she embraces the proven tenets of healthcare marketing while knowing exactly how to translate those fundamentals into digital-based solutions.

Vanessa has worked with Actelion, Astellas, Medivation, Gilead, Novo Nordisk, Medtronic, Dendreon, and other emerging biopharma and device companies. Most recently, she spearheaded the patient launch initiatives for Actelion’s new cardiopulmonary brand, Opsumit, and helped supervise the product portfolio team for the Astellas/Medivation prostate cancer treatment, Xtandi.

Vanessa’s clients emphasize her collaborative spirit, gift for team consensus building and action-taking orientation. Showing flexibility as a client lead, brand launch supervisor, and digital specialist, she is indispensible as one of FreshBlood’s Senior Consultants.