Mike Inouye

Commercialization Specialist

Mike Inouye brings over 30 years of managerial, executive and board experience, spanning multinational pharmaceuticals to early commercialization biopharma companies. His practice expertise is focused on commercial development projects at both the corporate and product level. This includes product valuation and marketing strategies, early commercialization evaluation and planning, and clinical/marketing development strategy.

Mike held U.S. management positions in marketing, sales and business development at Merck during his early career. His focus later shifted to developing and leading commercial organizations at late-development stage biopharma companies. Highlighting his long list of accolades, Mike helped bring Gilead Sciences very first product to market in 1996 and most recently launched Omeros Corporation’s first product in 2015. Mike was also a pre-commercial executive at Pharmacyclics during their development transition. As a Senior Consultant, Commercialization Specialist, Mike plays an integral role in the FreshBlood consortium.

Between executive and board positions, Mike has been a top-tier industry consultant to smaller US and European biopharma companies. He holds a B.S. in Food Science from UC Davis and an MBA from Cal Poly Pomona.