Mark Wrabel

Motion Graphics Specialist

Having explored and pushed artistic boundaries since the beginning of his career, Mark Wrabel is industry-renowned for embracing and mastering all things digital. His career had humble but prescient beginnings in the 80’s as a “computer-assisted” art director at agencies like FCB Healthcare (where he first worked with Bob Finkel), and other West Coast ad agencies. Mark was always known as a number one choice when clients needed it done “on time, on budget, and on target” – no questions and no excuses.

Having perfected his creative chops and high-end capabilities as a 3D and 2D animator, medical illustrator, as well as a visual effects, video and motion graphics guru, Mark continues to be sought after as a top-tier talent.

He brings more than 20 years of experience to the creative aspect of visual communications in his collaboration with FreshBlood. He remains immersed in the work he loves and always brings his A-game to every project. As a successful solo practitioner and independent business owner, Mark has garnered a long list of industry awards and client accolades.