Jarl Ulf Jungnelius, MD

Senior Medical Director/Oncologist

Dr Jungnelius is a board-certified oncologist trained at the Karolinska Institute, one of the most prestigious medical universities in Europe. With more than 25 years experience on the front-line of oncology pharmaceutical drug development, Ulf’s Curriculum Vitae reads like a “who’s who” in the area of Oncology. His expansive body of work includes authoring and citation credits in roughly 40 published scientific papers and abstracts.

No newcomer to the biopharma industry, Ulf has served as Vice President of Clinical Research and Development, Oncology, at Celgene Inc., and has held similar high profile, positions at Pfizer, Eli Lilly, and Takeda Pharmaceuticals in the US. His multi-disciplinary role has included that of Oncology pipeline development strategy lead and member of the Business Development steering committee as clinical representative for Lilly, Pfizer and Celgene.

Among his other accomplishments and understated credits, Ulf held important responsibilities in the clinical development of several successful oncology drugs, including Abraxane®, Gemzar®, Alimta®, and Revlimid®. His work has been pivotal in securing several multibillion-dollar acquisitions, such as Celgene’s acquisitions of Abraxis and Pharmion.

Ulf brings deep commercialization experience to the FreshBlood consortium as Senior Medical Director/Oncologist.

Dr Jungnelius holds multiple degrees, including specialist qualifications in Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, scientific research, and Aviation and Nautical Medicine – all while maintaining multiple Board of Director positions. Ulf is a prestigious and enthusiastic member of the FreshBlood creative consultancy team.