Robert Finkel

Principal/Creative Strategist

Considered a West Coast institution by his peers, Bob Finkel is, quite simply, one of the leading authorities within the health market industry. With over 30 years on the frontline of healthcare agency communications, he commanded his own top-tier healthcare agency, Kane & Finkel, for the past 17 years. Bob is highly regarded for his intelligent and insightful approach to orchestrating brand vision and identifying strategic imperatives for generating best outcomes.

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Senior Consultants

FreshBlood sources its expert talent from a trusted network of former clients, creative colleagues, and C-suite veterans. It’s a high-impact team Bob refers to as “a force multiplier.”
  • bio-MikeInouye

    Mike Inouye

    Commercialization Specialist

    Mike Inouye brings over 30 years of managerial, executive and board experience, spanning multinational pharmaceuticals to early commercialization biopharma companies. His practice expertise is focused on commercial development projects at both the corporate and product level.

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  • bio-PaulaBoultbee

    Paula Boultbee

    Oncology Market Specialist

    Paula Boultbee is nothing short of an impassioned expert in the field of oncology, initially treating and assisting patients as an Oncology RN and later realizing a career as a senior executive leading marketing initiatives for numerous breakthrough cancer treatments – she has dedicated her entire professional life to oncology.

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  • bio-LopaDesai

    Lopa Desai

    Brand Management Specialist

    Lopa has over 20 years of biopharmaceutical industry commercialization experience. She joined FreshBlood after spending the last 141/2 years in positions of increasing commercial responsibility at Amgen, a global biotechnology pioneer.

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  • bio-JohnHixson

    John Hixson, MD

    Senior Medical Director/Neurologist

    By anyone’s standards, Dr. John Hixson can be described as a modern-day renaissance physician – and shows no signs of slowing down. An accomplished clinical neurologist, associate professor at UCSF, American Academy of Neurology Committee member, published author and public speaker, John’s CV boasts a seemingly endless number of accolades that spans more than two decades.

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  • bio-JarlUlfJungnelius

    Jarl Ulf Jungnelius, MD

    Senior Medical Director/Oncologist

    Dr Jungnelius is a board-certified oncologist trained at the Karolinska Institute, one of the most prestigious medical universities in Europe. With more than 25 years experience on the front-line of oncology pharmaceutical drug development, Ulf’s Curriculum Vitae reads like a “who’s who” in the area of Oncology.

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  • bio-DarrenHanshaw

    Darren Hanshaw

    Product Branding Specialist

    A multidisciplinary designer, artist and creative director with over 30 years experience, Darren Hanshaw is responsible for having created and directed countless corporate identity and branding communications solutions for some of the worlds’ most memorable brands.

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  • bio-MarkWrabel

    Mark Wrabel

    Motion Graphics Specialist

    Having explored and pushed artistic boundaries since the beginning of his career, Mark Wrabel is industry-renowned for embracing and mastering all things digital. His career had humble but prescient beginnings in the 80’s as a “computer-assisted” art director at agencies like FCB Healthcare (where he first worked with Bob Finkel), and other West Coast ad agencies.

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  • bio-VanessaSilva

    Vanessa Silva

    Digital Marketing Specialist

    With an industry-earned reputation that precedes her, Vanessa Silva exudes pure passion and a natural proclivity for client service. A digital strategist at heart, she also knows how to lead the charge during the implementation stage, seamlessly integrating multi-audience objectives with multi-channel brand initiatives.

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  • bio-PanchakTom

    Thomas Panchak

    Senior Digital Strategist

    Tom brings over 20 years of healthcare sector marketing expertise, with a focus on integrated and multi-channel marketing strategy. Before joining FreshBlood, he led the creation of digital marketing platforms and drove award-winning online patient and professional ad campaigns for billion dollar brands at Johnson & Johnson and Intuitive Surgical.

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